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When I first joined Facebook over 2 years ago, I didn’t think too much about it as a social network and yet all of a sudden, I had built a number of friends so easily which included close  friends and people I had actually met at networking events, seminars, etc.

I then realised that my list was building up quite quickly without much effort on my part.  I felt the need that I should start building up my list too by making facebook friend requests.  As most of us know, on the right hand side of facebook, facebook casually displays people that you share mutual friends with and it so tempting to make a facebook friend request. Well, naive as I am, I was tempted and did indeed made facebook friend requests some of which were indeed people I had met before. However, when I tried this temptation, for at least five days, Facebook kindly alerted me that I had made a number of Facebook friend requests that were too many or too fast and as a  consequence I will not be able to make any further requests until a certain period of time. Words to that effect or meaning! Anyway, I was a little shocked and surprised as I was making these facebook friend request manually (that is me, a person behind the computer and keyboard) and with a personal touch and message addressed to each facebook friend request that I was making. I wasn’t exactly using a robot (like some internet marketers!!) or clever software to increase my facebook friends list or Anyway, after the polite warning came up it was weeks (literally over 6 weeks) before I was even tempted to make another facebook friend request with the fear that my account may be permanently disabled.
After building up the courage to make 3 facebook friend requests unbelieavably to  friends that I had met at a recent networking event, guess what, the message came up again only with a deeper level of concern, as this was my second warning but for another time! I instantly felt  cheated and after that I did NOT dare attempt to make any further Facebook friend requests in case I got banned from facebook forever!!! What a terrifying thought! The fastest growing social network that I would be banned from forever!!!

Anyway, since that time of the warning messages, I had already built a list of over 1400 friends and I was getting facebook friend requests of  betweeen 20 and 40 people a day! I accepted most of the genuine facebook friend requests, after checking their profiles, info, bio, etc and then putting them in certain lists of friends, such as property, coaching, US, UK, London list, etc. I can tell you this was very time consuming, but it was my own human efforts, I did not pay an outsourcer or buy expensive software to do this. it was all my own effort.

Today, 15th June 2011, I reached my 5000 friends on Facebook!!! Yippeee!!

What do I do now. What if I have more than 5000 friends facebook? Help!!

I looked around other friends (few) who had more than if not close to 5000 facebook friends and it seemed that they created extra or addtional facebook accounts with the same name as the original account, some with their names and ending letters A, B, etc. So I thought I would do the same sort of thing but used the same name as the account with 5000 friends.

By this time when I created a new and additional account, I had already another 60 odd facebook friend request in my inbox and I did not know what to do. I did not want to decline a friend request, as this was not in my nature, after cheking out the profiles of each of the friend requests and having some connection either interests, common friends, etc. So what did I do, I started sending them direct messages (managed to send 10 or so successful messages) with a link to my new Facebook account (shortened link). What happened next??? After sending 10 or so messages, I got yet another alert from Facebook as follows:

This time, I managed to save the message that appeared and it is shown above!
So, guess what, I stopped immediately! I really did not want to risk  losing my Facebook account or my Facebook Account being permanently disabled. Especially,since it took me such a long time genuinely building up my network of Facebook friends.

So please be careful with Facebook and its rules.
Follow me on my new Facebook account, if you dare, as I won’t be or I am terrified at requesting any further or new friends requests.

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