Sofina Khan

Finished Reading The Complete Conversations With God

I decided to go through a number of books in my Reading Book list. One of which was the Complete Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh. There are 3 books in the series of Conversations With God (CwG).

It is a set of three book and a very highly stimulating and interesting read. It is a highly recommended read for anyone who has any doubt about beliefs about God and thoughts that you may have entered your state and questions about God that have or may have been playing in your mind. This book was such an exhilirating and satisfying read and although there are controversial elements discussed or written in this series of books, it is not worth dismissing this lovely and heartwarming book. It also gives you some interesting thought about Humanity in Book 3 and talks in depth about the soul.

Neale Donald Walsh, wrote this trilogy of books over a 6 year dialogue which makes up a portion of trilogy of the Conversations With God that Neale had from a voiceless voice written on his yellow legal pad and then published as 3 books. The Complete Conversations With God.

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