Sofina Khan

You Can Do It Course – Free Life Coaching

I had the privilege to meet two wonderful, considerate and warm people by the names of Sue Jaques who is a Master NLP Practitioner & Life Coach and Mary Joyce who is a NLP Practitioner & Life Coach. These two brilliant women have set up a FREE life coaching event every Wednesday (term time) to help many people on the road to success through postive thinking, goal setting, NLP and group support from other positive and strong members of a group.

Some of the attendees of the latest group were awarded Certificates to show that we had all completed the “You Can Do It Course Stage 1”.

After the awards, we all went to have lunch to celebrate and share our experiences of life.

The whole course, as well as Sue Jaques and Mary Joyce are great course presenters. Both are NLP Practioners by the way!!

Turn Up Your Happiness!

As a result of the above life coaching sessions,  I attended Sue and Mary’s turn up Your Happiness One Day Workshop held at Barnet on Saturday 25th March. It was extemely good and changed my outlook on life and gives you a taste of NLP!

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