Sofina Khan

What The Bleep Do We Know – Down the Rabbit Hole

I watched this Documentary –  What The Bleep Do We Know – Down the Rabbit Hole and together with reaading and watching The Secret and reading Coonversations With God I have really developed a huge interest in the consciousness or the subconscious mind. How are thoughts are so important. Our connection to each other in this universe and the power of the subconscious network. This has given me an enormous incentive to pursue my interest in NLP, quantum physics and change my way of thinking about the world. Positive thoughts and the power of observation.

“Keeping it simple, our observation has a direct affect on our world and practice and master the skilll of of observation. The average person loses their attention span 6-10 seconds per minute! ” 1:10:00 What the bleep …

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